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ABA therapist working with child at home

In-home Services

Intensive ABA services can be provided in the comfort of your home, as well as in various community locations. Due to work schedules or other daily responsibilities, in-home therapy is often easier for some families.

ChanceLight® serves children of all ages and ability levels across the autism spectrum. Here are the steps to begin receiving in-home services through ChanceLight®.

  1. Request an Intake Packet by calling (803) 905-4427 or completing our Intake Request Form here.
  2. Complete the intake forms and return along with copies of recent evaluations.
  3. Once we receive your intake information, we will call you to schedule an Initial Workshop.

ChanceLight® autism services’s tiered supervision model is implemented to provide children the highest quality research- based ABA program in their natural setting. We consult with our families to determine which models are best for each child and we work with third party payors to ensure we provide the authorized therapy model.

Some of the models we offer include the following. Each model can also be implemented in an ChanceLight® clinic or school setting:

  • The Intensive Model offers the highest level of therapist supervision. Children receive five to six hours of monthly supervision from a coordinator, five to six hours of weekly supervision from a lead therapist and 15 to 30 hours of weekly supervision and implementation from a line therapist.
  • The Parent-Directed Model offers three hours of monthly supervision from a coordinator and three hours of weekly supervision from a lead therapist. Parents supplement the weekly supervision and implementation by taking a more active role in managing the child’s program under ChanceLight®’s direction.
  • The Workshop Model of supervision is similar to the Parent-Directed model and features one monthly six-hour visit from a coordinator.
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