Child with ABA therapist

For New Families

ChanceLight® serves children of all ages and ability levels across the autism spectrum. Here are the steps to begin receiving services through ChanceLight®.

  1. Request an Intake Packet by calling our Intake Coordinator at (888) 227-7212 or completing our Intake Request Form here.
  2. Complete the intake forms and return along with copies of recent evaluations.
  3. Once we receive your intake information, we will call you to schedule an Initial Workshop.

All new families start with an initial workshop which consists of assessing your child’s current level of functioning, prescribing the appropriate set of programs for your child to begin treatment, and interactively training you and your team of line therapists.

Anyone who will be working directly with your child should attend the initial workshop. Your workshop leader will demonstrate and explain the teaching procedures of each program and show team members how to record data.

After you and your child’s team have gone through this interactive hands-on workshop, they will have the training and information to successfully continue your child’s program until it is time for your next ChanceLight® Autism Services follow-up visit.