Forbes Names ABA Therapist to List of Most Meaningful Careers

Date: July 20, 2015
Author: Jacqui Abrams, TRICARE Regional Coordinator & Clinic Supervisor, ChanceLight® Autism Services

Forbes released a list of the most meaningful careers for 2015 and ABA therapy was number six… my only shock was it was not higher on the list. I know I speak for many of us in the field when I say thank you. As I read the article and thought about my ABA career and tried to articulate the exact reasons I love my job, I was left speechless; however, I would like to share some of the reasons we love to wake up each day and work with these amazing children.

The atmosphere in ABA therapy is unique and fresh. The variety of families and children and all the special things that make you, well you… keep our days, months and years fresh. We meet so many exciting people in so many different walks of life and are allowed to share ourselves and our experience with you.

The challenge. The stakes are high and the needs are great. We have been trusted with an opportunity to leave a lasting change in the life of your child and family. What we do matters greatly and leaves us with a sense of pride in our successes and a renewed focus when we struggle.

The work. It always brings me great joy to sit down with our teams and our families and set a goal, make a plan and go to work. The satisfaction of seeing our goals accomplished and the fun we have doing it make it easy to come back day after day.

The nature of the world of ABA. Many people outside of my world ask me what I do. My response is typically “I get paid to play.” It is a simple answer, but at the end of the day it is about the kids. Reaching them on their level and helping them make connections through our relationships and activities really does lighten the “burden of the 9-5.” If I ever start to feel discouraged or question if I am where I want to be, your children, not Forbes, always show me that I have one of the most amazing, fulfilling and rewarding jobs on the planet. I think I can speak for all of us in the ABA community when I say we want to serve. It is more than a paycheck. It is our life, love and passion. Thank you all for allowing us to do what we love.

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