ChanceLight’s Anna Bullard Awarded at Autism Speaks’ Southern Pieces Gala

Date: September 8, 2018

We are extremely proud of ChanceLight’s Anna Bullard, who recently received a special Award of Recognition from Autism Speaks Georgia chapter, for her dedication and commitment to autism advocacy. Autism Speaks CEO Angela Geiger, and State Government Affairs Director, Judith Ursitti, presented Anna with the award on September 8, 2018. Anna dedicated the award to her daughter Ava, for her “perseverance and courage when all odds were against her.”

Award recipient Anna Bullard is shown standing at podium, holding her award trophy, while speaking into microphone as she gives a passionate acceptance speech.Ava, who is now in high school, received treatment through Early Autism Project throughout her childhood, that ultimately helped restore her speech. She is also the namesake of Ava’s Law which requires certain insurance companies regulated by Georgia law to provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other treatments for children diagnosed with autism.

After making her daughter’s dedication, Anna continued, “all our kids deserve access to diagnosis and treatment, no matter where they live or how much money a family has. We will keep fighting the good fight, and it’s because of organizations like Autism Speaks that we can do this!”

For more information & updates on Ava’s Law, visit the Facebook page: Autism Insurance for Georgia – Ava’s Law

Photography courtesy of: Ina Finch Photography